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Good Looking Practice Swing and Bad Looking Real Swing. Why?

A few days ago, I received an email from someone asking a question. I told him I would give him the answer in this tip. So, here it is: Question: Why is it that practice swings feel so good, but once you get over that ball to hit the shot things start to change rapidly? […]

How to Get More Distance – Part 2

So how do I get someone to increase their distance? Simple, I make them swing looser, NOT harder! THE LOOSER SOMETHING IS, THE FASTER IT WILL SWING! To understand what I mean, I want you to think back in your golfing past. At some point, you probably experienced a tee shot that went 30 – […]

How to Get More Distance – Part 1 of 2

Throughout the years, I have been asked hundreds of questions about the golf swing. Without a doubt, the number one question is how do I get more distance! I’m sure you want to know the answer as well … so here we go! How Would Iron Byron Hit it Farther? To understand how to get […]

How Long Should It Take to Change Your Golf Swing?

I remember a long time ago, I first heard it was something like 60 repetitions a day for 21 days to make a swing change permanent. Here’ the problem with that. This statement doesn’t say if these are 60 perfect repetitions in a row, or just 60 repetitions in one day. There’s a big difference […]