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How to Hit Fairway Woods and Hybrid Clubs Solidly

How to Hit Fairway Woods and Hybrid Clubs Solidly

One of the toughest shots to hit solidly in golf is the fairway wood off the ground (especially a 3 wood).  This tip will explain why you have trouble hitting your fairway woods and what you can do to make consistent contact (this can also be applied to hitting hybrids club off the ground as […]

How to Hit the Driver

How to Hit the Driver

Over the past few weeks, I’ve received numerous of e-mails from people wanting more information on how to hit the driver.  I could go on forever about each one of the topics I’ve listed below but for now I’ve kept it short and sweet.   Click on a link below to cure your problem: 1.  […]

How to Cure Your Slice

If you’re slicing the ball you’re actually swinging to the left.  As the club hits the ball, it does so with an open face which causes it to spin to the right.  This means you’re doing 2 things wrong:  1.)  you’re starting the ball on the wrong direction, and 2.) you’re hitting the ball with […]

How to Cure Pulling or Pull Hooking With Driver

If you’re pulling or pull hooking the ball to the left you’re doing one thing wrong. That one thing is that you’re hitting the ball on the wrong direction.   I know … I know … the ball is hooking too much to the left. This isn’t actually a problem because if you can fix the […]

Cure the Push or Push Fade With Driver

If you’re pushing or push fading the ball you’re are doing 1 or possibly 2 things wrong.  The first thing is that the ball is starting out to the right of the target so you’re on the wrong direction.  Next, if you’re push fading, the ball is not only starting to the right but it’s […]

How to Get More Distance With Your Driver

If you’re not hitting the ball as far as you think you should, your hands and arms are too tight. Think about it, the tighter something is, the slower it will swing.  So, what would make you tight?  Well, trying to hit something really hard would probably tighten your arms and wrists wouldn’t it? The […]

Stop Hitting The Driver Too Low

People that hit the ball too low are always dumbfounded as to what the cause could be. Well, think about it logically. If you’re hitting the ball too low you’re taking loft off of the club. Instead of hitting an 8.5 or 9.5° driver you’re hitting a 4° or 5° driver.  So, what could be […]

Stop Hitting Your Driver Too High

If you’re hitting the ball too high you’re not alone. Most average golfers are in this boat. So why would the majority of average golfers hit the ball to high?  Hmmm … most average golfers’ arms collapse or chicken wing their arms through impact. Most most average golfers’ hit the ball too hard using just […]