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Stay In Motion As You Set Up

In this tip I talk about the importance of staying in motion when you are getting ready to take the club back.  This motion allows you to stay loose and relaxed instead of being tight.  Too many people take way to long to hit the ball and a lot of these people are waiting in […]

Turn Your Back To The Target The Right Way

Turning your back to the target is a great way to learn the golf backswing if you do it the right way.  Many times people who have this thought and up doing one of two things wrong: 1.  They end up turning the hips along with the shoulders 2.  They end up doing a reverse […]

Ignition Golf Has Launched

Ignition Golf Has Launched

If you are looking to improve your golf game please check out my new golf tips website.  This site includes over 200 full swing tips from myself as well as tips on clubfitting, flexibility and the mental game.  Over the last year I have had great success helping people of all skill levels improve their […]

How To Stop Skying

In this tip I teach you how to stop skying the ball.  If you are someone who is skying you know how frustrating the shots are.  The ball is not well hit and the result is poor due to the club in a descending position through impact.  As the club descends it causes the ball […]

The Golf Backswing Coil

In this tip I explain the golf backswing in golf and how the check if you are doing it right or not. Coiling in the backswing very important in the creation of torque.  Torque is the tight wound up feeling as you go back.  It is this tight feeling that gives you the spring-like effect […]

How To Hit A Punch or Knock Down Shot

In this tip I show you how to get a punch/knockdown shot.  This is basically a low-flying shot that is great when hitting into the wind or when you have plenty of green to work with.  It allows you to make good contact even when you don’t have the best lie.  Make sure you practice […]

How To Hit From An Uphill Lie

In this tip I show you how to hit from an uphill lie.  Although you are only making a few adjustments to your setup position the shots are quite difficult to master.  This is because you are putting yourself in a position that is out of balance.  As you swing you may even end up […]

Weight Distribution Throughout The Golf Swing

In this video I show you the correct weight distribution throughout your golf swing.  It’s important that you know how much weight you are loading to to each foot and how it unloads because this is what powers your body rotation. If you don’t load enough weight or shift it fast enough to the forward […]

How Much Do the Hips Turn In the Backswing

In this tip I explain how much the hips turn in the backwing.  This is vital because moving the hips too much does not allow you to create the torque necessary in the good golf swing.  Once you understand this simple work on stabilizing the hips while coiling back the shoulders.  If you do you […]