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How To Practice Putting

In this tip, I talk about how to practice putting. This is an area of the game everybody should be working on yet I find that nobody works on it and of they do, they practice incorrectly. Most people come out to the course and want to hit golf balls or maybe hit a few […]

Golf Downswing Hips

In this tip, I talk about what role the hips play in the downswing. They are probably the most important role in the golf swing. They are what gives power and consistency in the golf swing. This definitely something that all people want in there swing. I not only explain what happens but more importantly: […]

Learn How To Coil In The Backswing

In this tip, I teach you to learn how to coil in the backswing. This very important because you are looking for some key feelings in your body to know that you have power and consistency. Turning into the backswing you are looking for a stretch down the left side of your back muscles. This […]