Accra Golf Shafts – Interview with Co-Owner Gawain Robertson

Here’s another interview I was lucky enough to get at the  Justin Timberlake Tour Event in Las Vegas.  In this one I interview my old boss and great friend Gawain Robertson co-owner of Accra Golf Shafts.   If you thought you knew everything about graphite golf shafts check out this video of Gawain sharing some of his knowledge and the new products from Accra Golf.

Can’t See the Video? Click Here to Watch My Interview with Gawain Roberstson

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Accra Golf Shafts

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  1. I found it very interesting that the focus was on feel rather than performance. When you design to what happens “at impact” (which Robertson repeated lots of times), you do not affect the ball flight (at least not that swing). But, if you make it feel really good to the golfer, he/she may make better swings more often.

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