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After last week’s golf tip on powerless arms, I received the email below from a Swing Machine Golf student who finally got it. Please give it a read. It may help you take the arms out of your golf swing. Also, if you haven’t read the 2 tips I have posted then please do so. They will change your golfing life!

Powerless Arms – The New Way to Swing the Golf Club

Powerless Arms – A New Way to Swing – Follow Up



Thank You, Thank You, Thank You, Thank You, Thank You, Thank You, Thank You, Thank You.

Your tips on swinging with powerless arms was the absolutely best explanation I have ever read and the solution to an age old problem I have been struggling with for YEARS.

I bought your book and was glad, I bought your DVD’s and was even happier, I subscribed to your quarterly/sporadic updates and loved them. But in all those instructions I was still plagued with using my arms in my swing. It was an old habit I picked up when I first started golfing in the mid 60′s and was never able to shake. I never had the principle explained so clearly, and what’s more never had anyone give a drill to drive the point home.

I went to the golf dome Saturday and tried your drill. Honestly, I was not real thrilled at first. Had there been any ground hogs in the building I surely would have eliminated a few. I was ready to give up, except for a couple of thoughts. First, you said that nobody was successful at first and that I should keep trying. Second, I noticed that I had only been at it for four minutes and I figured even Tiger invested more time than that when he changed his swing.

Then, all of a sudden, I hit one of the most beautiful shot I have ever hit. I was a little freaked out. How could spaghetti arms and a slow turn possibly have resulted in the shot I had just seen? Your explanation of the physics involved assured me it was no fluke. So, after a few more practice swings I sent another one launching. Over and over again I hit perfectly straight shots booming farther then I had ever hit using my arms. For the rest of the time in the dome I was routinely hitting shots I had only dreamed of before.

On my drive home I realized that the only swing thoughts I had was on the downswing trigger. Other than that, I was in some kind of zone.

For the last couple of days I have been struggling with my left brain telling me that what I witnessed was impossible, and my right brain basking in the glory of the results I had witnessed. I have been mentally going over that experience and reminding myself of the why, and I think my left brain is beginning to accept and believe.

All of this happened because of your ability to explain the reasons behind the principle, give an easy drill, and give encouragement to keep at it. Again, Thanks.

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