Have You Assessed Last Years Golf Season Yet?

In my last tip “Stretch for Success in Your Golf Game“, I talked about creating a stretching routine that you should do before you play and and even on a daily basis if you can.  By actually taking my advice and implementing this, you will be taking the first step in changing your usual routine.  What am I getting at?  Well, I wrote a tip a couple of years ago about this very same thing and posted it on my website.  Here it is:

The End of the Golf Season – A New Plan

The long and short of it is, I wanted you to assess the season that had just ended and come up with a plan so you don’t repeat the same thing the next year (unless you’re already playing the best golf of your life and feel you cannot ever get any better).

I’m sure you’ve heard the Einstein quote before:

“Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results”.

This rings true in golf.  If you do the exact same thing you did last year you’re going to get the same result so why even bother playing?  If you currently have a 12 handicap you will be a 12 when this season ends as well.  If you currently slice the ball, and you do nothing worthwhile to fix it, you will still slice the ball at the end of this year.  If you 3 putt all the time … guess what? … you’re going to keep 3 putting.  I think you get the picture.

So … what can you do?   Simple, you have to immediately change what you normally do!

Set Your Goal

Change starts with setting a goal.  In order to do this right, I want you to write it down.  I know you’ve heard that one before right?  Well … have you ever done it?  Some people write their goals down but never look at them again.  I want you to see your goal every day so you don’t forget what you are trying to accomplish.

Here’s what you do:

Let’s say you’re a 12 handicap and you want to get down to an 8 handicap by the end of the year.  You take a magic marker and literally write you goal on:

1.  Your golf bag.

2.  Write it on your glove.

3.  Write it on your ball.

4.  Write it on the brim of your hat

5.  Create shaft band labels and put them on your clubs.

Now don’t get me wrong here.  You don’t have to write it large enough for the world to see and you don’t have to write it on everything.   Maybe you write “8 HDCP“  or “8H” you just write the number “8” so only you know what it means.  Whatever you decide, just write  it somewhere so you can see it an be reminded of it on a regular basis.

If you take the time to write your goal down on your equipment you might as well write it down in other places as well.  Then, you’ll be constantly reminded of it even when you aren’t at the course.  All you have to do is get some small labels or print it out on small strips of paper.

You can put it:

1.  On your desk at home or at work

2.  On your computer

3.  On a mirror you look at frequently

4.  Somewhere in your car

5.  In your wallet

6.  Anywhere else you can think of that you will see it

I know it sounds crazy but you have to write down your goals and put them where you can see them so you don’t forget them.  If you have a goal and truly believe you can reach it …  you will!

Keep a Notepad or Use Mind Mapping Software

Now that you have a goal (and you will be reminding yourself of it everyday) you have to get serious about accomplishing it.  To do this, I want you to keep a notepad just for your golf stuff or use the mind mapping software that I mentioned in this tip:  Improve Your Golf Game By Mind Mapping

Here is the link to the free mind mapping software

What you do is create a plan, have it at you fingertips and track how you’re progressing so you can make adjustments (if necessary).   This notepad or mind map will also be what you’ll be referencing at the end of the year so you can set your goals and create a plan for the next year.  It’s vital that you do this right away.

In your plan you should have things like:

1.  Information from any lessons that you have taken and what you are working on

2.  Equipment measurements, what equipment  works for you etc.

3.  Conditioning and stretches that you should be doing (your routine step-by-step)

4.  Stats – track what parts of your game needs work

5.  Things that have worked for you in the past

6.  Any other goals you may have – example  reduce 3 putts, cure slice, learn to hit my 3 wood etc.

7.  The steps you are going to take to reach your goals

8.  And anything else you can think of that is golf related

Now that you have your goals tracked, here are the other things you need to do to make this your best year yet:

1.  Choose a qualified teacher or study a qualified teachers method

2.  Set Up a practice station at home

3.  Create a stretching Program

4.  Create a workout program

5.  Use a Software program to track your stats

6.  Consult a sports psychologist (if necessary)

7.  Have Your Equipment Checked by a Professional Clubfitter


I know that some of these things sound a little crazy but if you are serious about improving your game you will take a serious approach.  As I said, you cannot think that doing the same things you’ve always done is going to make you better.  Be sure to set your goal(s) and think about reaching them everyday.  Then when next year comes around, you can reach for even higher ones.

All the best

Paul Wilson
Creator – Swing Machine Golf

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