Learn How To Coil In The Backswing

In this tip, I teach you to learn how to coil in the backswing. This very important because you are looking for some key feelings in your body to know that you have power and consistency. Turning into the backswing you are looking for a stretch down the left side of your back muscles. This tells you when it is time to fire your lower body and hit the ball.

What you are trying to achieve with the coil is consistency or torque. This is something in life that is consistent 100% of the time. Golf is a consistency game, so this is probably very important to master. You want to have this feeling or stretch in the muscles so you know instantly what is right and what is wrong. I show you a simple demonstration involving a headcover, it clearly shows how the body turns and gets tight.

This is an important lesson in showing the proper golf backswing and how it relates to power and consistency. Something I think we all want in a our swings.



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