Full Swing Tips

If you are looking for help with your full swing check out these tips by Paul Wilson.

Shoulder Position At Impact

In this tip, I explain where the shoulders should be by the time the club is making contact with the golf ball. In most people that I teach, their shoulders are square or even closed to the golf ball. But the majority of tour payers are in an open position, this is because they are […]

Hip Turn In The Golf Swing

In this tip, I talk about and explain the correct amount of hip turn you need into the backswing. Most people want to try to turn too much and then you lose all torque in your swing and therefore will lose power. What good players are doing is to limit the amount their hips turn […]

How To Play Better Golf

In this tip, I explain what happens when you start hitting poor shots on the golf course and how to play better golf. You have to ask yourself this simple question; “am I tired at some point during the second nine?”. Most of the time when you are coming down the last holes you end […]

How To Hit A Golf Bunker Shot

In this tip, I want to explain how to hit a golf bunker shot. It is usually the most intimidating shot on the golf course. Most people hit shots into the bunker yet either have poor technique or never practice. I have adjusted my set up in just a couple simple ways to allow the […]

How To Cure Topping The Ball

In this tip, I answer the common question of how to cure topping the ball. There are a couple different reasons why people top the golf ball so understanding them is the start to curing the shot. One of the common reasons is if somebody is trying to hit the shot too hard, this tightens […]

How To Practice Putting

In this tip, I talk about how to practice putting. This is an area of the game everybody should be working on yet I find that nobody works on it and of they do, they practice incorrectly. Most people come out to the course and want to hit golf balls or maybe hit a few […]

Golf Downswing Hips

In this tip, I talk about what role the hips play in the downswing. They are probably the most important role in the golf swing. They are what gives power and consistency in the golf swing. This definitely something that all people want in there swing. I not only explain what happens but more importantly: […]

Learn How To Coil In The Backswing

In this tip, I teach you to learn how to coil in the backswing. This very important because you are looking for some key feelings in your body to know that you have power and consistency. Turning into the backswing you are looking for a stretch down the left side of your back muscles. This […]

How To Cure A Pull In the Golf Swing

In this tip, I talk about how to cure a pull in the golf swing. This could honestly be one of the most common swing flaws in the average player. Everybody at some point in there golf career has seen there shots start left and depending upon the spin, either pull hooks or pull slices. […]

Foot Position In the Golf Swing

In this tip, I talk about the foot position in the golf swing. Having the correct foot position will allow a couple of major things to happen in the swing. With something so simple and overlooked, other things can creep into your swing and cause big problems. The front foot should always be turned out […]

The Proper Putting Setup

In this tip, I talk about the proper putting set up and what happens if you do not follow these guidelines. Although I am not too strict on the putting set up, there are a couple of areas that I like to see happen. One of these things is making sure that your elbows are […]

Cure A Slide In The Golf Swing

In this tip, I talk about how to cure the slide in your golf swing. If your hips are going sideways and not turning in a circular motion then you have a slide. This is one of the toughest moves to get away from in the golf swing. If you do not turn in a […]

How To Hit From A Plugged Lie In A Bunker

In this tip, I talk about how to hit a plugged lie in the bunker. Not only are bunker shots very difficult, but the plugged bunker shot is even tougher. When you have fluffy or wet sand and hitting an approach shot the ball can bury easily. Knowing how to change your set up in […]

How To Chip A Golf Ball

In this tip, I explain how to hit a chip shot. This is an area of golf that many people have trouble with and can quickly lower scores and handicaps. In just a few changes in your set up position, you will then be able to hit chip shots more consistently. When learning how to […]

How To Hit Shots When The Ball Is Above Your Feet

In this tip, I explain how to hit a shot when the golf ball is above your feet. Also known as an uphill lie, this is one of the toughest shots to hit. Most people that play golf are intimidated by this shot and basically do not know how to hit it. By changing your […]