How to Cure Pulling or Pull Hooking With Driver

If you’re pulling or pull hooking the ball to the left you’re doing one thing wrong. That one thing is that you’re hitting the ball on the wrong direction.   I know … I know … the ball is hooking too much to the left. This isn’t actually a problem because if you can fix the direction, the hook will straighten out and you will hit the ball either dead straight or you will hit the ball with a slight draw.

All you have to do to fix the direction is to get your hips starting first in the downswing. This doesn’t mean you’re bumping them or sliding them laterally to start the downswing. You should be turning them in a circular motion. To get the feeling, just pick up a ball and throw it over and out in front of you. If you do, you will see that you didn’t slide slide or bump your hips. You turned them. This is the same move you want to do in your golf swing.

To get the feeling, hold the club up in the air at approximately knee high. Then, do practice swings while still elevating the club in the air.  As you do them, feel your legs and hips making the club swing. Once you get the feeling of using your body, apply it to your shots.  In doing so, it means you’re not thinking about your hands and arms at all.  You’re ONLY thinking about applying this feeling of using your lower body as you start the downswing.

Watch Your Ball

If you still pull or pull hook the ball to the left - start your hips sooner.

If you push the ball or push fade the ball out to the right
– you’re driving the hips too hard or you’re sliding laterally so slow down and turn.

Paul Wilson
Creator – Swing Machine Golf
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