Cure the Push or Push Fade With Driver

If you’re pushing or push fading the ball you’re are doing 1 or possibly 2 things wrong.  The first thing is that the ball is starting out to the right of the target so you’re on the wrong direction.  Next, if you’re push fading, the ball is not only starting to the right but it’s also spinning to the right so you have a spin problem as well.

Typically, these shots are hit by better players.  If you’re an average player and think you’re hitting these shots, you’re most likely hitting a slice and you don’t realize it because you alignment is too far out to the right (check your alignment to see if you are, in fact, pushing or push fading).

Better players hits pushes and push fades because they’re sliding laterally to start the downswing and they’re trying to hit the ball too hard.  Here’s how it works.  The lateral slide causes the upper body to tilt a little too much to the right in the downswing.  Tilt to the right too much and you will hit the ball right.  Hitting the ball too hard causes the wrists to tighten and it makes the player want to look to see the result.  The more they look, the tighter the wrists so the ball ends up tailing off to the right.

The first thing you have to do is loosen the wrists.  To do this, just do some ¾ practice swings allowing the right hand to cross the left earlier.  Basically, you want to overdo the release a little to get the wrists loosened up.

Next, slow down and quit trying to hit the ball so hard.

Finally, to cure the direction, you need to turn better as opposed to sliding.  The best way to work on this is to put an object like a broken shaft, pointed end of an umbrella, back of a chair etc. 3 inches off your left hip. Then, do practice swings trying to miss the object off of your hip.  The only way you can miss the object is to turn therefore, eliminating the slide.  Once you get used to turning, try it in a real swing.

Don’t think that you’re going to do this drill and in 5 minutes cure your slide forever.   Eliminating the slide takes time and effort.  The best thing to do would be nightly practice swings at home or do them at the range as much as you can.  Keep a broken shaft or umbrella in your golf bag and bring it to the range with you so you can use it when you practice.

Watch Your Ball

If you still push it – turn more

If  you push fade it – your wrists are still too tight and you are not turning enough

If you pull it – turn the arms off and start the body first in the downswing.

Paul Wilson
Creator – Swing Machine Golf
Director – Paul Wilson Golf School Bear’s Best Las Vegas

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