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Are you frustrated trying to learn the golf swing? Are you playing one good round only to have your swing fall apart the next day? Are you slicing, hooking or shanking the ball? If you said “yes” to any of these questions you’re not alone.

Many people struggle with the golf swing including me. I searched for the perfect golf swing for over 10 years. In this time, I tried every tip, training aid and took many lessons but nothing helped. All of these things didn’t help because they did not provide the answers to the golf swing. You see, I am a guy who needs to know exactly why I am supposed to be doing something. If you can tell me why, and back it up with proof, I will want to do it. If you just tell me to do something, it will never happen.

This is where the Iron Byron comes in. The Iron Byron was modeled after the legendary Byron Nelson’s golf swing and it hits the ball perfectly every time. So, we have a machine that was modeled after one of the best golfers of all time. Why are we not learning from it?

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I know … I know … you’re saying to yourself “Iron Byron doesn’t look like a golfer so how can I learn from it?” Well … they didn’t just pick the Iron Byron out of thin air. Through high-speed photos, they modeled the Iron Byron after the swing of the legendary; Byron Nelson. Keeping this in mind you just have to do is see it a little differently.

In the Swing Machine Golf videos, I explain exactly how the Iron Byron hits the ball with such accuracy. I even back it up with an interview with George Manning, the inventor of Iron Byron.

Once I explain how the machine works, and the 3 elements you absolutely need in your golf swing, I break it down into 10 easy-to-follow lessons so you can quickly transform your own golf swing and play the best golf of your life!

Once you incorporate the 3 elements of Iron Byron into your swing, you will:

1. Hit the Ball Farther With Less Effort!

2. Dramatically Increase Your Consistency!

3. You’ll Make More Pars and Birdies!

4. You Reduce Your Handicap!

5. Finally End the Frustration!

I also include 6 tutorials that show you:

1. How to Cure Your Slice

2. How to Practice

3. How to Diagnose Any Swing Flaw such as: hooks, shanks, pushes, topping, pulled shots etc.

4. How to Take Your New Swing to the Course

5. How to Know You’re Doing it Right

And Much, Much More!

Here is a sample from over 2,000 testimonials we have received:

Hello Paul,

I just got off the course and happened to be playing with two other guys that weren’t having a very good day. One mentioned that with all the Florida golf lessons he had taken this winter, his game has not improved at all. I told them I went through the same ordeal for years. Spending lots of money and time, but never really getting much better. I was having a pretty good day, for me anyway. They said to me, you seem to be a pretty good golfer. I have never heard those words before. I was telling them how my average score was 90-100+ and now I am in the low to mid 80’s and getting better. They asked what I have been doing to lower my score. I told them about Paul Wilson’s “Swing Machine Golf” lessons and that I found it to be, by far the best instruction on how to swing a golf club I have ever tried.

They both were having issues with their short game. I made copies of your chipping and pitching charts. I laminated them and clipped on my golf bag for reference. I told them how this really put chipping and pitching all together for me. They mentioned that with all the instruction they have had, no one has ever showed them anything like that. Something to really work with.

I am sure they will be purchasing your DVD’s when they come out.

Thanks again for the great instruction. It is really working for me. I play with a relaxed/confidence that I never had before.

Keith D.



Since I purchased your Book & Video, my golf has improved significantly

My average is 82 which I consider great for my age 63

I practice here in Jamaica 4 times per week for approx.2 hours in the
evenings and play 18 holes on a sat & sun.

I constantly read my Swing machine golf book and look at the videos



Hello Paul,

Your Swing Machine Golf DVD package and book are excellent!

I have read countless golf books, viewed many golf instruction videos, and bought numerous golf training aids over the years but Swing Machine Golf is the real deal…the best golf instruction available. Your swing method is straight-forward, makes sense, and gets results.

Looking forward to any new tips and information you may have to offer.

Greg K.
Shelburne, Ontario


Have been working with the book for about a week – very nicely organized. Just received my 4 dvd short game package – can’t wait to get started!



Mr. Wilson,

Just received the full program in the mail this past weekend. Had
downloaded the freebee and saw dramatic results! With the package, the
sky is the limit. Can’t thank you enough for renewing my love for the

I’m particularly impressed with your teaching methods and the details I
never comprehended before.

Hats off to you and the many people responsible. Hit’em long and
straight…………..I AM!!!!!!!!!!


Bill A.Dear Sir,

Received videos Monday.Watched them all in two nites.Hitting the ball just great.I see you cut thru all the bull and hype. Good job.

Tom F.


Mr. Wilson,

Last summer, I bought your 4 dvd instruction from swingmachine golf and I must say it was the best $ 100 dollar investment I made. I went from being 90-100 golfer to a 80-85, consistently lowering my score by at least 10 stroke. I still have to work on my short game and I am looking forward to buying your short game dvd collection this year .

Thank you for your feedback. As the 2008 season is about to start, I want to set some realistic objectives for this year.

Nicolas D.


Dear Paul,

If your not the instructor of the Millennium, You should be. I have now had several days to practice and have played two rounds since receiving your e-mail. I shot and 87 and then an 80. Even though these scores wont get my handicap back to 7, I have never been more excited about playing golf.

Both rounds were mostly flawless with a couple of blowup holes. I am so much more relaxed, my shots are much straighter and even a few yards longer. Obviously, I am only striking the ball near perfect about 89 0r 90 percent of the time. I know it will take longer to get everything just right but you have to know I am thrilled because I have no doubt now about how to do it right.

Anyway, I just want to thank you again for all your help. I don’t even want to think how many hours I could have saved with personal lessons. I push your method with every opportunity I have. Your book and CD’s are really first class.

Bob B.


Thanks Paul I really appreciate it.

By the way the more I practice with your guides the better I am hitting
the ball.

My biggest problem was rotation and now I hit the ball further with less

I truly love your method and you have been an answer to my prayers.
Keep up the great work.


Dr. Jim C.


I received the DVD’s and book earlier this week.

I taken your advice very seriously and followed your program step by step. It makes sense. It works. Timing is everything and the timing of the seasons is working to my advantage.

It’s cold in KC so I’m not tempted to go hit a bucket of balls. I am forced to take all of my enthusiasm and excitement and take hundreds and hundreds of swings in my garage, focusing hard on each position. As it turns out, most of the elements of my baseball swing fit right into Iron Byron’s swing. The only thing I have to work hard on is the tilt.

Today was nice enough to take some time at the range. It took me almost 2 hours to work through a medium bucket. My whole goal was to focus on my follow through positions. Once I was able to get myself to quit turning my shoulders way beyond 90 degrees in the backswing and to get my chin up at address, everything fell right into place. My contact was solid, the ball was flying true, the distance was amazing (I’ve never hit a 7 iron 165 before) and I now know what it means to have “dead” arms.

For the first time in my life I feel like I can hit a solid shot and not have to ask myself ‘OK how did I make that happen?’. This swing is repeatable. I know how it happens and I can do it consistently. Golf is fun again. Can’t wait for warmer weather here, but for now it’s back to the garage for more swings.

Thanks again,
Jeff D.
Kansas City, MO

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