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This is the book that started it all. Swing Machine Golf is a full color instructional book that teaches you the perfect swing of Iron Byron.

Swing Machine Golf Book

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Why Iron Byron?

Iron Byron is a robotic golfer that was created by True Temper to test their golf shafts. In order to create a machine that replicated a human golf swing, they took high speed photos of all of the top pros and amateurs of the time. After reviewing these photos, they chose Byron Nelson as the model for the swing machine because of his incredible consistency and efficiency. It took 3 years and $250,000 to develop the machine. The project was started back in 1963!

After the golf manufacturers got wind of this machine they all wanted one too so they could test their equipment. So did the USGA which ended up using the machine to make sure that golf equipment conformed to the rules of golf.

Although the USGA no longers uses Iron Byron because they have taken their testing indoors. Many of the major golf manufacturers still use Iron Byron because of its ability to hit the ball perfectly every time.

How Do You Learn the Proper Golf Swing From Iron Byron?

I know … I know … you don’t see how it is possible to copy a machine that only has one arm and legs that don’t move. Well, when I first saw the machine it never made sense to me either. Then, I thought to myself that this machine was modeled after one of the best golfers of all time and it hits the ball perfectly. Why not take another look at it?

In looking at the machine, the arm of the Iron Byron represents the golfers’ left arm in the backswing and downswing. Once past impact, the arm of the machine represents the golfers’ right arm because this is the arm of the golfer that is outstretched. If one arm of the golfers is outstretched on one side of the swing and the other is outstretched on the other side of the swing this maintains the width of the arc. Iron Byron’s one arm makes an arc too. At the end of its arm is a hinge. This represents the golfers wrists throughout the swing.

The one thing I get all the time is that the legs don’t move on the machine so how can a golfer copy it? Simple … the legs on the machine don’t represent the golfers’ legs. The machine has a motor that powers a driveshaft. This motor represents the golfers’ legs. So your legs are the motor to your swing.

The driveshaft that is powered by the motor represents the golfers’ upper body from the waist up. The driveshaft on the machine turns in a circular motion. This means your body should also turn in a circular motion not a swaying, lateral type motion.

So as you now see it really is possible to copy the perfect swing of the Iron Byron. All you have to do is see it a little differently.

Don’t take my word for it though. Here are some actual emails sent in from golfers that have benefited from Swing Machine Golf:

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Full Name:


From: “Mark L.”
To: Paul
Subject: Swing Machine Feedback


My library contains only 2 books when it comes to golf instruction, Swing Machine Golf and Ben Hogan’s Five Lessons, with yours being #1. I feel both offer a simple approach to the golf swing but what allows your book to ascend to the top is the self diagnosis section. If I’m pushing the ball, which I tend to do slightly, I just turn to the p. 171 and it tells me that my hips are sliding. Then I go to the range, put a shaft in the ground just outside my left leg and practice. You know what the best part of that is? It’s FREE!!!

After reading the book and practicing the lessons, my handicap went from 6 to 0 without working on my short game. Fairways and greens are a wonderful thing. Can’t wait for your next book.

Mark L.
Irving, TX


To: paul
Subject: Short Game DVD
Hello Paul,
the Swing Machine DVD course is the third type course I have tried this winter. The other two David Leadbetter’s Interactive and Pure Point Golf and they had their good points but did not have a consistent reference to go from. I like power and accuracy and Tiger is the best of both worlds but even Tiger can not compete with Iron Byron. That is why I returned both of those products and will stick with yours. The winter weather is keeping me in but I can certainly practice the three fundamental moves until I can get out. When will your Short Game DVD come out? I’m a big Dave Pelz fan so I am excited to see how you will simplify the important short game. Thank you



From: “s. warren”
To: paul
Subject: the book

Hi Paul
I want to congratulate you on the best book I have ever read on the golf swing .
I have read Hogan, Toski, Ballard, Flick, McLean and to many others to mention.
Your book is so easy to understand and apply it’s mind boggling, I have read it twice
since I received it last Friday and just making the grip change made quite an improvement
in my ball striking! I can tell you that I will start over and follow the book step by step
so that I will get the most out of the book.

Thank you for a great book
S. Warren

I have been struggling with my golf swing for over 20 years. I have gone
from the natural swing to the unnatural swing and everything in between.

Your series has made the difference, stabilized my swing and brought back
some golf sanity and fun from all the myriad of instructions out there,
and there are hundreds.
Modeling the technique and teaching after the most consistent golfer, Iron
Byron, is technically sound and physically doable.

Your delivery is articulate and easy to understand, your methodology is
unique and makes sense.
You were able to enhance the feel of the golf swing with sound mechanics .
the best of 2 worlds.
Many golf battles are won or lost around the greens and having adopted your
pitching and chipping techniques, I have won a few battles and shaved 5
stokes off of my score.
Thanks again and I am eagerly awaiting the bunkers DVD

Reba, K.


From: Kevin S.
To: Paul Wilson
Subject: Re: Swing Machine Golf – Feedback Request

Hi Paul. Love your book; it really works for me. Have tried lots of other
aids/instruction but somehow yours was the clearest direction, in the sense
that I now feel like I have a real understanding of what a “machine-like”
swing should feel like. The chapter on grip alone was a revelation. Our long
Alberta winter has begun, so it’s mirror practice ’till April, I guess…

Best Regards,
Kevin S.


From: Chris F.
To: <paul>
Subject: Thanks

Dear Mr. Wilson,

I’m 48 years old and started golfing three years ago. I really jumped in with both feet. I’ve think I’ve watched just about every video/dvd available. Your dvd set Swing Machine Golf is BY FAR the BEST one I have seen. Not only have I had good results but I’ve also gained a lot of understanding of the swing. I really liked how you started with the follow-through, that has helped me a lot.

Anyway, I wanted to say “thank you very much” for a superbly produced presentation. It’s a pleasure to watch. You have a great demeanor and pleasant delivery, and everything you discuss comes across clearly. You also have a beautiful swing that’s a nice model for a student like myself.

Thanks again and great job!
Chris F.
Brookfield, IL


From: “John B.”
To: “Paul Wilson”
Subject: when is your next book coming out?

Hi Paul – I am really enjoying your book. I have several other golf instruction books and videotapes. None of them has been as good as your book at explaining the mechanics of the swing. I now understand why I have to do certain things at certain points in the swing.

I’ve heard that you may be coming out with a short game book. Do you have a publish date yet?



Your dvd has help me so much I can’t tell you enough Always been in the mid eighties. Only played 30 rounds this year and handicap in just this past month dropped from 14 down to a10

I’m very excited on where my swing is going. I’m 52 now been playing since grade school, I just shot my lowest round, 4 over par, 75.

Sincerely Yours
roger b.


From: Xavier R.
To: <paul>
Conversation: update
Subject: update

sub: gratitude

I have been working on changing my swing for three months and the results are fantastic. I qualified for the Oregon senior golf association championship flight last week and won the final match 4-3. I have never gone past the first round in this tournament. the swing works!
thank you


From: “Joseph G.
To: “Paul Wilson” <paul>
Subject: Re: Swing Machine Golf Tip #4

Mr. Wilson:

Thank you so much, not only for your book but for all the extra tips you send me. I played golf today with my buddies and one of them remarked “I don’t know what you have been doing but your drives are further and straighter” I certainly enjoy your book and have learned more from it than from any other source. When your new book on “Short Game” is released, please notify me. Again, thank you for your additional tips – I certainly appreciate them. Regards. Joseph G.

> From:
> To: “Paul Wilson” <paul>
> Subject: Re: Swing Machine Golf – Feedback Request
> Dear Paul,
> I must admit, with great joy, that since purchasing the Swing Machine Golf
> book my game has improved tremendously. I have been playing the game for
> approximately two years, and I have taken pro lessons, and practiced weekly.
> It was not until I began putting the book’s lessons into practice that I truly began to golf
> better.
> When I started I was shooting approximately 120, and I am now shooting in
> the mid 90’s, and I am convinced it is because of the Swing Machine Golf
> Book. It is a great book!
> Regards
> Jesus R.


From: “Stephen C.”
To: “Paul Wilson” <paul>
Subject: RE: Swing Machine Golf – Feedback Request


These CD’s and the book have to be the best I have every used. Its great to have something like your material that makes sense and gives you confidence in what needs to be done mechanically vs a person own opinion.
Im ready for your short game CD’s or book to come out so I can be great at that.


From: “Steve S.”
To: <paul>
Subject: Improvement


I just have to say and of course you know this..but this system is the very best. I have tried many differennt approaches in the past with limitied success. However, the swing machine is really helping me. Over the last few months I have been able to move my index from a 10 or and 11 to a solid 8. That is an 8 I can play to. My ball striking and consistency are just great. I have had several rounds in the high 70’s and low 80’s…and if I could improve my putting all those rounds would have been in the mid 70’s. When are you going to help all of us with our putting?

Keep the tips coming they are very valuable!


—— Forwarded Message
From: Randy
To: <paul>
Subject: Short Game Dvd

Hi Paul, I have had your swingmachine golf book for a year and your dvds
since they came out. After ingraining the 10 lessons to muscle memory I
can honestly say I’m hitting the ball better now than in my previously 35 yrs
of playing golf. I would like to know when you plan to release your short
game dvds? If my short game was up to snuff I know I could get to even par..I
had a 78 last week with 4 three putts and 5 dubbed chips.I am now hitting the
ball longer and straighter than ever but the occasional mishit is leaving
me bewildered on how to get up and down.I was gonna get the Dave Pelz short
game book but I want to stay with your instruction technique..thanks and
have a great year…..Randy

Randy C.


Mr. Wilson:
I just want to congratulate you on a great product!! Your DVD series is the best instructional video I’ve ever watched and I’ve tried several. Your explanations and examples are so clear and easy to understand. My goal is to become a scratch golfer and I’m on my way thanks to your instructional videos.

I wish I had had this information available 40 years ago when I was a kid.
Thanks again.
-Craig C.


From: “Mike S.”
Date: Sat, 18 Mar 2006 22:11:18 -0500
To: <paul wilson>
Subject: Short Game DVD

My wife also thanks you because I can stop buying all the books, videos, and gadgets. Her only complaint is that you didn¹t make these DVDs earlier before I wasted all that money on the golf schools. Now I have only one more video to buy and that¹s your Short Game DVD. Please put me on your list for your first shipment when it becomes available. I have every confidence that it will be of the same high quality as before. I am eagerly looking forward to working on that aspect of my game with your clear and effective instruction.

I was about to give up on golf. Thank you for helping to rekindle my enthusiasm for a game I enjoy so much

Mike S.

—– Original Message —–
From: stuart w.
To: <paul>
Sent: Wednesday, January 31, 2007 10:57 AM
Subject: RE: Swing Machine Golf Short Game Series – reply

Thanks for the prompt response. I have the book and CD set and its simply the best golf tuition available. I will be more than willing to pay the courier costs to secure the series. I often purchase CDs from the States and the cost is not prohibitive. I know there will be a strong demand for your product overseas and I can only urge you to go as fast as possible to make these Cds available for golfers like myself who have made huge improvements to their game thanks to Paul’s teaching.\


On 4/15/07 9:50 AM, ”
> Hi Paul,
> I saw your book, Swing Machine – The Fastest Way to Consistent Golf.
> It’s the most beautifully written golf book I have ever seen, and I
> agree with about 99% of the instruction. In fact, i love the way you
> and Paul start with the address and then go right to the finish, the
> same way a Scotsman taught me over 30 years ago.

> The pictures are fantastic, especially looking down at the grip, and
> looking at the hands at the top of the backswing.

> Thanks,
> Greg V.


From: Mark. A
To: <paul>
Sent: Tuesday, January 31, 2006 1:03 PM
Subject: Thankyou!

Hi Paul, just wanted to thank you for your wonderful work on swing machine golf- I have just started the process of trying your method and things are starting to get dramatically better. My entire concept about the golf swing has completely changed because of your book and dvd’s. I truly look forward to your short game material that I see your working on right now. I’m sure that I’m not the only one wondering about it’s release date. If you ever get a chance to mention it, it would give us all something to look forward to. My best wishes and sincere thanks, Mark A.


— Original Message —–
To: <paul>
Sent: Thursday, April 27, 2006 6:48 AM
Subject: short game

Hi Paul, I’ve been working on my swing using your dvd and the results have been exciting. Is there going to be a short game dvd or book any time soon.If so I would like to be the first to know about it. I’m a Golf Professional from (removed for privacy) and have studied the golf swing for many years.What a great job you have done with your book and dvd.Keep it coming.

Art W.


> —– Original Message —–
> From: “Steve M.”
> To: “Paul Wilson”
> Sent: Thursday, April 20, 2006 9:53 AM
> Subject: RE: Swing Machine Golf – reply

> Paul,

> Just wanted to let you know I played my first round of golf using your
> technique exclusively and played pretty well. Prior rounds I had scores
> of 98-100. Shot an 88 yesterday. I had a mid 80 round going and bogeyed
> 17 and double bogeyed 18. Not a big deal, just need to practice those
> positions till I own it. I know you’re coming out with a short game DVD,
> and for the record, count me in on that DVD when its ready. In the
> meantime, I wanted to ask you if you could offer some advice for getting
> out of the sand trap? I’m clueless when I get into the sand, my usual
> shot from the sand is it either doesn’t get out of the trap or it just
> barely clears the lip leaving me a tough two putt. I really appreciate
> your advice you’ve helped me tremendously and I’m very thankful.
> Remember, I will gladly pay you for your help, just let me know what you
> need.

> Take care,

> Steve M.


From: Marc H.
To: <paul>
Subject: Re: DVD Release

I just watched the DVD’s and I must say they were worth the wait
Great job to all who worked on them…

DVD’s are very informative and compliments all the chapters of your book and turned on the light bulb on a few things that I misinterpreted from the book

Last season I did have a low round at my club of a 71 a 1 under par using your method and had a constant index of 5 thru out the year so Thank You I still have a slight problem with over the top move but I can seem to correct it more readily as I have a better understanding of the golf swing using your method more work on my end..

Once again Well Done and I hope you have great success with your DVD’s


Marc H.

PS…Put me in line for your short game DVD as I will certainly be getting it when it come’s out


From: “D. Roberts”
Date: Sat, 4 Jun 2005 20:1:58 -0500
To: <paul>
Subject: finishing the swing

Fantastic book. I’ve had it about 2 weeks and have been through it 4 times. I have a problem swinging the club around to the proper finish. My hands stop not quite shoulder high. I’m trying to use the helicopter drill to swing the club and hitting a few good shots. Any suggestions? Do you have anything coming on the short game? Thank you
— D. Roberts


From: “Heger”
Date: Tue, 1 Feb 2005 13:52:24 -0800
To: “Paul Wilson”
Subject: short game

I purchased your Swing Machine Golf book and it has helped me tremendously. Are you going to publish a book on the short game?

thank you,
S. Heger


From: Larry A.
Date: Mon, 22 Nov 2004 17:54:10 EST
To: <paul>

I have had your book almost a year and spent considerable time last winter re-inventing my swing. This year I reduced my handicap indes by 5 strokes and even broke 90 (course is par 71 with a slope of 130) once following your method. Thank you.
I recall reading that you were working on a new book for the “short” game. What is that book’s status at present?
Hope to hear form you.

Larry A.


To: <paul>
Subject: short game?

Hi Paul, your book has helped me quite a bit this year, made some great changes and have played much better in competition. Would like to know about the short game video or book that was mentioned earlier this year. Let me know christmas is coming soon.
Thanks Darren L.

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