What Should You Be Concentrating On When You Play Golf?

The other day I came across this article entitled, Lack of Concentration ‘Secret to Playing Golf’

You would think that “more concentration” would be the key to playing well.   Not so says the article. What the researchers found was golfers who focused too much on their technique lost consistency in their game.

Here’s the article:

Lack of Concentration “Secret to Playing Golf”

Now that you know that thinking too much will cause you to play poorly, what should you be thinking about? Here are a few things you should incorporate into your game right away:

1. Focus On A Very Precise Target

When you go to play, I want you to pick out the smallest target in the distance and focus intensely on it before you hit the shot. The picture below explains exactly what I mean. Don’t pick out the whole tree (red). Pick out the leaf on the tree (blue).


Focusing on the whole tree is not specific enough so your mind can easily wander. By focusing on the leaf on the tree, you end up clearing your mind because this takes more effort and concentration to focus in on a very precise point. Once you give it a try, you’ll see that it’s pretty much  impossible to think of the leaf on the tree and your golf swing at the same time.

The next time you go to play, try to incorporate this into your set up routine. Here’s how:

1.)  Pick out a very precise target in the distance.
2.)  Do 2-3 practice swings while keeping your eyes locked on this target you have chosen (you’re only doing the practice swings to loosen up and feel the rhythm of the shot not thinking about your mechanics).
3.)  Step up to the ball and take your set up.
4.)  Just before you’re going to hit the ball, swivel your head a couple of times and focus back on your target again (leaf on the tree).
5.)  Finally, turn your head back to the ball and pull the trigger.

By doing your routine this way, you have very little time to be thinking about your swing mechanics therefore, you should be hitting your shots with a clear mind.

NOTE: Don’t just try this new routine once. You have to incorporate it into your set up routine forever. This is one thing all Tour Players do. If they do it, you should do it too.

2. Visualize Your Shot Pattern

Visualizing your shot pattern also takes your mind off of your swing. The whole idea is to see the most vivid picture in your mind. Once you have it, step up to your shot thinking about this picture as opposed to your swing mechanics.

I’ve never really been able to visualize my shots very well but if you can, try to incorporate this into the set up routine I mentioned above.

3. Taking Time Off

If you live in colder climates, or if you’ve taken a break from golf, I’m sure you’ve experienced some incredible shots and/or rounds of golf once you got back into playing again. This happens because the layoff allows you to forget what you were previously working on plus, the excitement of playing again stops you from getting too focused and grinding too hard.

Unfortunately, this never seems to last because few weeks later, you either fall right back into your old routine or your whole swing falls apart. The reason this happens is exactly what the article above says. You started to think about your swing mechanics and you were concentrating too hard when you got under pressure instead of just having fun out there.


If your swing starts falls apart for one round it’s no big deal but if you totally lose your swing in multiple rounds in a row, it’s a tell-tale sign you’re thinking too much. If this happens, make sure you’re target oriented or you take a break for a few days. By doing so, you will be able to leave the mechanics at the range and start to have fun again.

Until next time,

Paul Wilson
Creator – Swing Machine Golf

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