Golf Practice Swings – Why You Should Be Doing Them?

One of the main things that sets Swing Machine Golf apart from other methods is that I want you to make lots of practice swings while working on the positions I teach.  Why?  The whole idea is simple …


What I’m trying to get you to do is outweigh the old with the new.  What I mean is if you do a minimum of 3 perfect practice swings (working on 1 position I teach) for every 1 ball you hit you are doing the position right versus wrong at a 3:1 ratio.  If you can create this 3:1 right versus wrong ratio you will finally make the necessary changes and you will improve your golf swing way faster and easier than ever before.

I say this because the alternative is to hit ball after ball when you practice and not do a significant amount of practice swings.  The problem is, if you just hit ball after ball you will not make the changes you are trying to make.  This is no fault of your own.  You may very well have good intentions of changing your swing but when you go to practice human nature is telling you to be comfortable when you hit balls. This means you will go right back to doing what you have always done when you practice because your old swing is comfortable.  Unfortunately, if you take this approach, you will continue to spin your wheels forever because you will never make the necessary changes.

Advantages of Doing Practice Swings

Doing practice swings to work on your swing has its advantages.  Take a look:

1.  You can practice every night at home instead of waiting to hit balls 1-3 times per week.

2.  You are not hitting a ball therefore your swing will feel less uncomfortable.

3.  You will be able to focus solely on the change you are making because you are not concerned about where the ball is going.

4.  It takes less time.  To make the changes I only need you to do 25 – 50 practice swings per night for approx. 5 nights per week until you master them.

5.  It’s easier on your body to do practice swings as opposed to hitting a lot of golf balls.

6.  You can do them almost anywhere.  If you travel take a 31″ club with you.  If you go to your relatives house bring a club with you and swing their backyard.  You can do them on the course when you are playing etc.

7.  No one is watching you so you don’t have to be embarrassed if you hit bad shots.

8.  You will not be trying to swing as hard as you can therefore your body will be looser which will allow you to do the positions better.

What Kind of Practice Swings Do I Want You To Do?

I want to be perfectly clear about what I mean by doing practice swings and what I mean by doing them at a 3:1 ratio.

There are 3 different ways you can do practice swings to learn a great swing:

1. You can do the practice swings at home hitting no practice balls at all.
2. You can do them at the practice range while you are hitting balls.
3. You can do them while you are hitting balls at the range and you can do practice swings at home.

Next, the practice swings I’m talking about are perfect, or as close to perfect as possible, to the positions that I teach in Swing Machine Golf.  To know if you are doing them perfectly or not you can:

1.) Video your swing
2.) Watch yourself do them in a mirror
3.) Have someone else watch you or video you
4.) Recognize the feedback I teach for each position as you swing
5.) Send me a video or picture and I will check it for you

Once you’ve determined that you’re doing the correct position(s), keep doing them that way until you have them mastered.

Practice Swings at Home

This means you can still play and practice your short game but hit NO practice balls out at the range.  This method is highly effective because what little time you do have for practicing it can be spent working on your short game which is going to reduce your scores.  You still get to play.  And you’re not stressing out about the swing changes you are making.

Practice Swings at the Range

Doing practice swings at a 3:1 ratio could mean hitting one ball then backing up and doing 3 perfect practice swings working on specific position before you hit your next ball.  It could also mean that you hit a few balls in a row then back up and do 3 times as many practice swings as the number of balls you just hit.  The choice is yours.  Whichever way you choose, it’s all about doing a minimum of 3 practice swings to the number of balls you hit.



Finally, I get people telling me that they don’t have time to practice.  To them I say, this is no excuse!  All I need you to do to learn my method is 25 – 50 practice swings per night 5 nights a week at home.  This small amount of practice swings will take all of 10 minutes (a small price to pay if you ask me).  Ideally, I would like you to do these practice swings while you’re watching yourself in a mirror so you can check them as opposed to just swinging without a purpose.

If you don’t have a place indoors to swing, take it outside into the backyard or garage.  When you do your practice swings outside this DOES NOT mean you’re hitting whiffle balls.  It DOES NOT mean you’re trying to hit a specific blade of grass, leaf or twig that is on the ground.  You should not be conscious of impact or hitting anything at all.  All I want you to do are the practice swings.  In my method there are only 6 main positions plus your grip, set up and takeaway.  Just focus on mastering one thing at a time.  If you do you will develop a great swing in record time.

Common Problems I See

There are a few common problems I see people do even if they understand that they’re supposed to doing practice swings.  So let’s put an end to them right now:

1.  Swinging Too Fast

I can’t count how many times I’ve watched people do practice swings and they zip through them without a care in the world.  It’s almost like they’re saying “hey I did my 3 swing can I hit a real ball now?”  This is exactly what NOT to do.  Each swing you make is very important.  Remember, you are trying to memorize new movements.  The more you can do them right, the faster you will learn them.  This means you should be taking your time and make every practice swing count.

2.  Thinking the Position is Right When it Is Not

Again, when I watch people do practice swings they think they’re doing the position(s) right but they’re not.  This is like replacing one bad habit with another.  To learn the correct positions, you need to see what you’re doing or have an experience person to watch you and tell you what you’re doing.  So if you haven’t got a full length mirror that will allow you to watch your own swing go and get one. If you can’t swing inside go and buy a 31″ training club.  Then you will be able to swing without fear of hitting the ceiling.

If for some reason you don’t want to watch your swing in a mirror simply use your sliding glass patio doors (if you have them).  Just open the curtains and turn off the lights and you will be able to see your reflection perfectly.  Don’t want to do that?  Well you can video your swing.  Oh you don’t have a camera?  Well, have someone video your swing on their cell phone and play it back to you so you can see if you are doing the position you’re working on correctly or not.  In today’s day and age there is no excuse for not knowing if you’re doing the positions properly.

3.  Distractions

Distractions can come in many forms.  Someone could be distracting you while you are swinging,  you could be trying too many things at once, your mind could be wandering, you could be watching TV while you are trying to swing etc.  If you want to learn a great swing it takes total concentration.  From now on, try to eliminate all distractions when you are practicing.  This is serious stuff so start taking it seriously.

4.  Training Aids

Quit looking for the magical answer.  All you need to develop a great swing is a club (or 31″ half club if you cannot swing a full length club) and a mirror.  As I have explained in this tip, you need to commit to doing 25 – 50 practice swings 5 nights per week to working on the positions until you have them mastered.  You may be able to master some positions in a day, few days or a week.  Others may take you longer but if you start now you are on your way.  If you start tomorrow you are a day behind.

5.  People Stop Doing It

Mastering something does not mean you stop doing it.  Mastering something means you can do it perfectly at will.  So, as you go into the future keep re-enforcing your positions from time to time.  This way they will never fall apart.

Good News Bad News

If someone told you that you that there is an amazing new training aid out there that can increase your distance, accuracy and give you a great swing and potentially get you shooting in the 70′s within a few months.  The thing is it costs $1000.00 would you buy it?  I bet a great majority of you are nodding your head right now “yes.”  Well, I have some good news and bad news.  The bad news is there isn’t such a device.  The good news is you don’t need it anyway. For a the sake of a little hard work doing perfect practice swings you can develop a great swing and play the best golf of your life.  And the best part is, it doesn’t cost $1000.

Don’t take my word for it.  Listen to what 75 year old Dudley has to say:



Before I commenced my studies and practice etc I had a pronounced In/out/in swing with a from the  shoulder lung at the ball as hard as I could hit it – result a 90degree fade, little distance and invariably ending up in the roughest of roughs to be found. Can’t tell you the number of times I have been going to give the game up, very frustrated.

I was actually on the internet as I wanted to find out about this “Iron Byron” machine I had heard about and came upon your website. I sent for the DVD’s, then I got told off by you for being too quick and rushing things. So after that I stopped going to the course, practice range and in general stopped hitting golf balls and just concentrated on the lessons in my back garden, lounge and where ever else I had planted a club for a quick practice swing.

Pleased to report I am hitting 214 Metre Drives straight up the fairway and 180 Metre three woods
and the rest of the clubs correspondingly. I never went near a golf course for over three months.

So Thanks Paul you have really rectified my game and made it so much more enjoyable and so much less physical I personally can’t get over it – I am 75 years old by the way and really keeping up with some of these young guns. In the lesson “Putting it all together”  you  keep  repeating  “Coil at the top  and  uncoil  at  the  bottom”.  I find  repeating  this  to  myself as  I swing makes  me  have a very  rhythmical swing and also curbs my natural instinct of swinging from the shoulders. Another thing I like about the system is you can practice anywhere as you don’t need a ball.

Anyway I am very pleased with my results Paul and Thank You very very much.  Best of Luck for the Future mate with You new venture.


Dudley B.

Still don’t believe it.  Okay here’s what Martin M. has to say:


i’m hitting some beautiful drives and although i’m not 1 for bullshitting about distance but i hit 3×300+ drives on tuesday in a comp which i won (38 points). my woods have increased in distance and direction but irons are so so.  i’m sticking to the gameplan by not hitting balls on the range at all and just playing whether its a practice round or comp but no hitting balls!!!!!

before a comp or round i’m practicing shortgame with a few fullswing 60* wedge shots thrown in just to loosen out more.  during my warm-up ill do my SMG drills as you thought me but no hitting balls at all.   i step onto the first tee everytime and hit really straight and crisp shots.i’m going to stick with this routine as its working for me and i’m confident.i do my drills every night but during my rounds i’m still not getting full backswing but this will take time i know but anyway my golf is ok at the moment but not great.hitting mid 80s easily with alot of mistakes

thanks paul


The time is now to get serious about doing practice swings.  Winter is here for some of you.  So instead of not doing any practice at all this winter make the commitment to do your practice swings perfectly working on 1 position at a time until you have them mastered.  By the time spring comes around you will have that great swing you have been searching for.

For those of you who are just about to start your winter season in a warmer climate, you can still play and hit balls make sure you are sticking to a 3:1 ratio when on the range and do the practice swings at home as well.  If you do, you will also finally develop a great swing and make this winter better than ever.

All the best,

Paul Wilson
Creator – Swing Machine Golf

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