Golf Swing Hip Turn Drills

In this tip, I explain the different ways, or triggers, to start the downswing. There are multiple ways to start the downswing and you have to distinguish which way is best for you. These are incredibly important because the correct way starting your downswing is critical to playing good golf. There are actually 4 different ways which this transition can occur. the correct golf swing hip rotation the left leg locks perfectly straight and the right leg comes around to meet it.

You have to be thinking about one of these hip rotations in order to perform the downswing like a better player. The arms move so fast in life that you have to try to get your body ahead of the club to hit long straight shots. Just by thinking about one of these triggers gives you the start to becoming a better player. If you are not thinking about one of these four things then you will hit the ball with just your arms. Try one of them the next time your practicing and you will be on the road to becoming a better player.


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