What Powers the Golf Swing?

In this tip I explain where the power comes from in your golf swing.  So many people think that in order to hit a golf ball you need to be swinging the arms.  Others think there you don’t have to use the lower body at all.  This couldn’t be further from the truth.

In order to prove you don’t need the legs in the golf swing people will often demonstrate by hitting a few shots from their knees.  After they do they say, “see you don’t need your legs to hit the ball.”  Although they can hit the ball quite well from their knees, they can hit it even farther when they use their legs.

Using the legs in your swing allows your upper body to turn faster.  Your arms are connected to your upper body so using your legs makes the club swing faster.

Make sure you watch this tip and start using your legs to hit the ball not your arms.  If you do you will finally hit the ball to the best of your ability.



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