Hip Turn In The Golf Swing

In this tip, I talk about and explain the correct amount of hip turn you need into the backswing. Most people want to try to turn too much and then you lose all torque in your swing and therefore will lose power. What good players are doing is to limit the amount their hips turn into the back swing and this will create a tightness in your body. I usually describe it as like twisting a rubber band. I do show it in a demonstration with a golf club headcover to show the hip turn in golf.

If your shoulders turn to 90 degrees, then your hips should turn half of that and your knees would turn half of your hips. This creates the proper ratio in the body turn. This way, your swing has generated enough torque to create a significant amount of power. You are looking for a tightness in your back muscles and this is like the tightening of the rubber band. Look for this the next time you swing the club and you will see the extra power.



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