How To Cure Topping The Ball

In this tip, I answer the common question of how to cure topping the ball. There are a couple different reasons why people top the golf ball so understanding them is the start to curing the shot. One of the common reasons is if somebody is trying to hit the shot too hard, this tightens their muscles in their arms and makes the club come off of the ground, causing the top. Another way is if you try to look too early for the golf ball, this is the other common cause.

Both of these things create the dreaded “top”shot, the easier you hit try to swing the less both of these are likely to occur. It all comes down to human nature and the want of trying to hit the ball as hard as humanly possible. Swinging slower and easier is one way of stopping the top. Feeling like the arms are stretching out is the other way of how to cure topping the golf ball.


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