How to Cure Your Slice

If you’re slicing the ball you’re actually swinging to the left.  As the club hits the ball, it does so with an open face which causes it to spin to the right.  This means you’re doing 2 things wrong:  1.)  you’re starting the ball on the wrong direction, and 2.) you’re hitting the ball with the wrong spin.  So, how do you fix it?

The first thing you have to do is stop trying to hit the ball so hard.  The harder you hit, the tighter your wrists, the more open the club face through impact and the more over the top you will swing.

Next, out of the 2 things you’re doing wrong, you’re going to fix the SPIN first. Why? Simple … if you stop spinning the ball to the right you’re no longer a slicer!

To to fix the spin, you should be trying to loosen up your wrists and allow your right-hand to cross over your left earlier through the impact zone.  By crossing your hands over one another earlier, it DOES NOT mean you’re trying to hit perfect shots.  If you pull it or pull hook it that’s great!  Why?  Well … it’s like I said before, if you’re hitting pulls or pull hooks you’re no longer a slicer!

So how do you roll your wrists over one another?   Well … an easy way to understand what to do is to stand up, take your set up and put your palms together. With your palms together, they represent your clubface in a square position.

Now, take the club into the backswing and come down to impact looking at the top of your left hand. This is a representation of the face being wide open at impact (this is what you’re currently doing). Do it again but this time come down with your hands even.  This is like the clubface being square.  Finally, come down and see the back of your right hand.  This is like the clubface being closed.

What I want you to do is to come to impact looking at the back of your right-hand.  DO NOT try to get both hands even.  Yes, I realize this is overdoing it but if you’re trying to bring the club face back to square there’s no way you’re going to do this perfectly every time.  So within no time, you’re going to come through with the face wide open again.  The idea is to overdo it by rolling them over more than what’s necessary.

Now that you see how the right-hand crosses over the left, do this with the club in a few practice swings. Just take it to the top and come down to the impact looking for the back of your right-hand. If you do it right, you will see the clubface really closed.  Remember, this is a good thing because you’re trying to overdo the wrists rolling over one another for a while.   In order to master this, keep doing it over and over again every day, every night, every time you play and practice. In order to stop spinning the ball out to the right, it’s going to take some work on your part. So … get to work!

Once you’re able to cross the right-hand over the left and eliminate the spin to the right,  it’s time to straighten out your pulls and pull hooks.  All you have to do is forget about the hands and arms and focus ONLY on starting the downswing by turning your hips. If your hips start before your hands and arms start to come down, you will hit the ball on target. I’ve proven this time and time again. The idea is simple … if you move your body before the club, the club will want to swing at 90° to your body. This means the shaft angle will flatten on the way down as opposed to steepening which occurs when you swing over the top.

To get the feeling of using your body, do this drill:

Simply hold the club off the ground at approximately knee high.  Then, do practice swings up in the air.  By holding the club in the air, there’s no ball to hit. This means you will be able to feel your body making the club swing as opposed to your hands and arms. Once you get the feeling of using your body, apply it to your shots.

Watch Your Ball

If you pull or pull hook it – you’re not starting the legs and hips soon enough

If you push or push fade it – slow down you’re driving the lower body too hard

Paul Wilson
Creator – Swing Machine Golf
Las Vegas Golf Schools and Lessons By Paul Wilson

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