How to Get More Distance With Your Driver

If you’re not hitting the ball as far as you think you should, your hands and arms are too tight. Think about it, the tighter something is, the slower it will swing.  So, what would make you tight?  Well, trying to hit something really hard would probably tighten your arms and wrists wouldn’t it? The harder you hit, the tighter you get.

I realize that you want to hit the ball 300 yards but you’ve tried hitting the ball as hard as you can and it only seems to go to 250 with a huge slice.  At what point do you recognize that this DOES NOT work? From now on, think to yourself, “something that is looser will swing faster than something that is tighter.”

In order to increase your power, you just have to loosen up your wrists. This DOES NOT mean you’re letting go of the club. To get the feeling, hold onto your club securely and do three quarter swings feeling your wrists loosen up as you swing the club back and forth.  Once you feel them loosen up, try hitting a few easy shots.

If you do this right, you will see that with very little effort you can hit the ball pretty much as far as you can when you try to rip it. This is because your wrists are looser which allows the club to swing faster with less effort. Once you get used to this loose feeling, DO NOT try to swing harder! All you have to do is turn faster! If you turn faster with looser wrists, you will hit the ball farther than ever before.

Here’s a drill to get your body moving:

For this drill I want you to do practice swings up in the air at knee high.  As you do, I want you to listen to the “whooshing” sound of your club as it swings.  The first practice swing you do is slow.  Then, you use your body to swing the club a little faster.  Finally, you use your body to make the club “whoosh” even faster.  By doing this, you will see the relationship between the effort you are using with your body and the sound of the club.  This is proof that using your body will make the club swing faster.  Knowing this should tell you that you no longer have to keep hitting hard with your arms.  Keep them loose and use the body.

Watch Your Ball

If you do not gain distance – you are using your arms again.

If you push or push fade the ball – you are driving the body too hard

If you pull or pull hook – you are starting down with your arms

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Paul Wilson
Creator – Swing Machine Golf
Director – Paul Wilson Golf School Bear’s Best Las Vegas

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