How To Practice Putting

In this tip, I talk about how to practice putting. This is an area of the game everybody should be working on yet I find that nobody works on it and of they do, they practice incorrectly. Most people come out to the course and want to hit golf balls or maybe hit a few chip shots, yet practicing your putting would be the quickest and easiest way to improve shoot a lower score or decrease your handicap.I show you some very important practice putting drills also.

What most people that I have seen just hit a couple of putts from a 10-15 feet and this is doing nothing to improve their putting. You first have to understand what are the areas in putting that we can and can not effect. Long putts are the key to decreasing your total number of putts. How many 3+ putts do most people have in a round, even the top players in the world have them. So being really good at long putts will help. Then you want to become really good at short putts and the length putts in between will take care of themselves. But the bottom line is that you have to practice these areas to become better at them.


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