How To Stop Skying

In this tip I teach you how to stop skying the ball.  If you are someone who is skying you know how frustrating the shots are.  The ball is not well hit and the result is poor due to the club in a descending position through impact.  As the club descends it causes the ball to hit the top of the golf club which pops the ball up in the air instead of making solid contact.

Getting rid of these types of shots is actually quite easy.  The basic idea is to stay behind the ball as you hit the ball.  If you do the club will be swinging more level to the ground or even on the upswing as it contacts the ball.  If this occurs there is no way for the club to hit the top of the club head.  Instead, it contacts the center of the face producing a solid result.

Make sure you watch this tip and apply the method I describe and in no time you will be able to stop skying the ball.

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