How To Hit From A Plugged Lie In A Bunker

In this tip, I talk about how to hit a plugged lie in the bunker. Not only are bunker shots very difficult, but the plugged bunker shot is even tougher. When you have fluffy or wet sand and hitting an approach shot the ball can bury easily. Knowing how to change your set up in a couple ways can make this shot come out with ease and therefore never having to be intimidated again from this shot.

Most people try to hit this shot with an open clubface, therefore the bounce of your wedge hits the bottom of the bunker and making the club bounce back up and hit the thin shot. So changing the clubface to a square position this allows the club to “dig” into the sand and forces the ball to pop up and go onto the green.

Having a solid bunker game can help lower your score and handicap. When hitting into a green, knowing that if your ball does land into the sand or plug that you can get your ball out with ease makes the game that much easier. Try these simple set up changes next time you are faced with this shot.



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