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Are you having trouble scoring? Have trouble getting the ball out of the bunkers? 3 putting? Can’t get your pitch shots close? If this is you then you are definitely in need of the Swing Machine Golf Short Game Videos.

Short Game Video Series

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So why is the Swing Machine Golf Short Game Video Series different than any other technique?


Well, my pitching technique is like nothing you have ever heard before. Once you learn my method, it allows you to dial in your shots in perfect increments. This is something that no one ever told me in my career. If they had, I would never would have had problems getting pitch shots close to the pin. I know what your thinking … I’m just saying that. Actually, I’m not. I have taught my system to many people, as well as pros, and the results are the same. Within 10 minutes they gain incredible accuracy. They just can’t believe the results.

Greenside Bunkers

My bunker technique is like no other as well. I admit that when I first started teaching golf, I couldn’t get people out of the bunkers. This is because I was teaching what everyone else was teaching. I don’t like to teach the “norm” because it is obviously not working. So, I thought long and hard about why people could not get out of the sand. Once I figured this out, it all made sense. I have proven to the non-believers, time and time again, that they can get the ball out of the bunkers consistently within about 10 minutes if they just do a few simple things. I’ll give you a hint: Never try to hit a few inches behind the ball. If you do, you will continue to be a very poor bunker player.


Once again, I don’t teach the “norm”. The “norm” in this case would be to play the ball back and move your hands ahead of the ball. The playing it back is true but to just move your hands ahead of the ball is not going to make you a great chipper. You have to do something else. Once you do, you will be great. I also provide a chipping chart that tells you what club to use in every situation. Quite a few people have written in telling me this has been very helpful.


So why would you listen to me about putting? Well, my record is making 56 putts in a row from 15 feet. I also had 6 one putts in 9 holes on the putting green. And when I was 19 years old, I won $50 off a guy who was known to be the best putter in Florida. After beating him, he snapped his putter over his knee and walked off the green. So, how did I become a good putter? Simple, I practiced putting 2-4 hours per day when I was growing up. Don’t believe me? Check out the putting product I invented when I was 14 years old and had on the market at 16. You can see the Puttacup here. My father and I would have putting competitions every night. Oh yeah, the hole diameter on my invention is a 1/4? narrower than a real golf hole. This smaller hole makes the real hole seem a lot bigger.

Anyway, my putting technique is simple. That is the key. If you are trying to take the putter straight back and straight through or over analyzing it you will not putt to the best or your ability. Trust me.

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