Starting the Golf Downswing and Winter Practice Question

Here’s a few questions from one of my Swing Machine Golf customers about the trigger to start the downswing as well as how to practice at home:



Thank you for your help.

I am one of the ones you can add to your list of people who left your method
and have regretted it.

I have been working on the grip. I have one of the Mometus short clubs that is two pieces. So you can unscrew it and just hold the handle end while watching TV or what ever. It has the same neutral grip you show in your book and DVD built in.

I have been also working on the drill of the turning, knees together. Does it make any difference which way you do it? It seems to me that straightening the left knee seems to work the best. I have worked some although not as much as the grip and knees together. I don’t think I was ever getting there much before. I am going to keep working on these before I go any further. Any idea how long I need to work on these before moving on?

With winter weather on its way I’ll have plenty of time. How much per week or per day do I need to work on this so as to be ready for spring?

One of my big problems has always been keeping my head back while hitting. I have always tended to look up too soon and not stay behind the ball until, after impact.

Getting my head ahead of my swing or body in my cases. My goal is to get this swing ingrained by swing. So that is why I was asking about just swinging all winter without a ball. Should I put a ball or piece of paper the size of a ball on the floor to look at? I do have a full Length mirror on the wall in my exercise room so I can watch my swing in the mirror which helps.

Any other ideas or suggestions would be helpful

Thanks again

Mike S.



It does not matter which way you start the lower body because doing 1 downswing trigger makes the other 2 happen.  I personally do it with the right leg because I am very right sided.  When I try it with my left side it really feels uncomfortable.

I don’t know how long it will take you to master each of the moves.  If I was doing 1 move only, I could see it taking less that 1 week but I would do it thousands of times in a mirror making sure it was perfect.  I know you practice hard so you should get the moves fairly quickly.  The key is isolating and doing 1 move at a time.

I would do the moves every night.  I remember a long time ago working on the takeaway.  I did 500 takeaways every night before I went to bed.  Now, you don’t have to do it this much.  I tell people to do 25-50 practice swings 4-5 times per week.

Remember, they should be perfect practice swings in consecutive repetitions.  If you do 1 right 3 wrong 4 right 6 wrong you will not make the change.  You want 25-50 in a row of the same move.

You don’t have to put something on the ground to represent the ball.  All you have to do is keep watching where the ball would be until you see the blur of the club go by.  Once you see the blur, turn your head to get to the follow through.

Keep in mind that in the golf swing your club would be moving approx. 100 mph and your head would be moving approx 5 mph.   The club would come into impact and it would hit the ball.  By the time you swivel your head, the ball would be gone.  So watch for the club to pass your head would be ideal.

Just take your time.  Work on one thing at a time.  Keep checking your positions with my book or videos.

All the best,

Paul Wilson

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