Stop Hitting The Driver Too Low

People that hit the ball too low are always dumbfounded as to what the cause could be. Well, think about it logically. If you’re hitting the ball too low you’re taking loft off of the club. Instead of hitting an 8.5 or 9.5° driver you’re hitting a 4° or 5° driver.  So, what could be causing this? Well, there could be a few things.

The first thing is that you may be setting up with your hands too far ahead of the golf ball. In doing so, the back end of the club is elevated off the ground a little which is reducing the loft on the club. If this is the case, let the club sit flush on the ground behind the ball. Then, gently place your grip on the club making sure you don’t move it in any way.  Now carefully take the club back and hit your shot.  This takes immense focus because it’s so easy to go back to what’s comfortable.  I would suggest video taping your set up and takeaway or have a friend watch to see if you’re not longer moving your hands too far ahead of the ball.

The next thing could be that you have a strong grip.  If you have a strong grip you will tend to be in a closed position at the top of the backswing and you will will most likely cross the hands over one another through impact.  Both of these things are going to de-loft your club.  Typically, a person who is releasing the club with a strong grip would hook the ball.  In your case, your hands are coming into impact in a strong position but you’ve added a lateral slide with your body in the downswing to counteract the ball hooking too far left.  So not only are you going to have to fix your grip but you will have to stop sliding as well.  Here’s what to do:

When you look down at your left hand you should only see two knuckles as opposed to three. Also, the letter “V” on your right hand created between your thumb and index finger should be pointing between your right ear and shoulder.  Neutralizing the grip like this will make you hit the ball higher but keep in mind if you’re still sliding you will hit the ball to the right. So not only do you have to fix the grip, you also have to turn better as opposed to sliding laterally (read the push fade tip to cure your shots going right)

Another thing that may be causing your low shots is a shifting of too much weight onto your left foot either as you go back or as you start the downswing.  By shifting to the left too much, you will end up angling your body to the left on the way down.  This means that the club will be severely descneding as it comes down which will put your hands too far ahead of the ball thus de-lofting the club.

If you feel that you’re shifting to the left in the downswing to early, do some practice swings facing a mirror and watch your head to see if it’s moving left in the initial stages of the downswing.  Also, watch yourself load your weight better into the right inste/heel as you hit the top of the backswing.

Another thing you can do is take you ball and as you tee it up, turn the label so it faces to the right.  Now, as you go to hit your shots, watch the label.  If you shift too much left, you will loose sight of it.  The only way to see the label is if you stay behind the ball as the club swings through impact.

A final thing you can do are practice swings “feeling” more weight on your right foot as the club swings through.  By feeling more weight on your right, it will stop you from shifting to drastically to the left.  Once you get the feeling in practice swings, apply it to your shots.

NOTE: It’s not that I want to weight on the right foot at impact, it’s just a drill to stop the weight from shifting to the left too soon. So, do a bunch of practice swings feeling more weight on your right side into the downswing. Then, apply this new feeling to your shots. After you start hitting your shots higher forget favoring the right leg like this.

Watch Your Ball

If your ball flies too high – don’t feel as much weight on the right foot

If it flies too low – check your grip to make sure it’s neutral and feel more weight on your right foot when you swing.

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