Stop Hitting Your Driver Too High

If you’re hitting the ball too high you’re not alone. Most average golfers are in this boat. So why would the majority of average golfers hit the ball to high?  Hmmm … most average golfers’ arms collapse or chicken wing their arms through impact. Most most average golfers’ hit the ball too hard using just their arms. Most average golfers don’t get off of their right foot through impact.  Maybe these things have something to do with it?

Okay, the first thing I want you to do is take your set up and hold club with your arms stretched out. Then, look down at the clubface. Now, while still looking at the face, buckle both of your arms by pulling the club closer to you. When you do, you will see the shaft lean backwards. In this process, more loft is added to your club therefore, buckling arms will make your ball fly too high.

The next thing I want you to do is take your setup again.  Buckle your arms again like you just did. Now, take your weight and feel it fully on your right foot. What you’ll notice is that the clubshaft will angle even more to the right and adding even more loft onto the club. To cure shots that are too high, you not only do you have to allow your arms to fully stretch out but you also have to get your weight off of your right foot at impact.

In order to get the arms stretching out more, you have to loosen them up by not trying to hit the ball as hard as you can. I wish I could snap my fingers and instantly get you to do this but the desire to hit the ball a long way is far too great. If I were you, I would start off doing easy practice swings and get used to the arms stretching out as opposed to buckling. Here’s a clue that you’re loosening them up.   Clue: the club will start to feel heavy when you swing it.  So when you swing the club from now on, try to make it feel heavy.

Another thing you can do is watch yourself do practice swings in a mirror.  As you swing the club bring it down to a point about 2 feet after impact with irons and 3 feet after impact with woods.  At this very point, look to see that both of your arms are perfectly straight.  Once you see that they are go back to the top and come down again.  Doing this drill over and over again should get you used to allowing the arms to stretch out.

Once you get the arms loosened up, you have to get your body moving. To do this, just do the drill I mentioned above where you elevate the club off the ground at approximately knee high. Once the club is elevated, start doing practice swings. This drill is effective because holding the club in the air takes the ball out of the picture. If there’s no ball you won’t try to hit with your arms because there’s nothing there to hit. This means that you will be able to feel your body making the club swing. This is what’s needed to get you off of your right side impact.

What you may also want to do is focus on your right heel and feel it come off the ground 2 – 3 inches with irons and 4 – 5 inches with woods at impact. So do the practice swings and keep coming down to impact feeling this heel off the ground. As you get used to it, apply it to your real swing.

Watch Your Ball

If you are still hitting the ball too high – loosen up even more and get off of your right side

If you hit the ball too low – you are getting off your right side too much which is putting you ahead of the ball.

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