Special Annoucement: Check Out My New Video Golf Tips Website – Launching Soon

I just wanted to let you know that over the last few months, I’ve been working day and night on a brand new video golf tips website.  I’m getting ready to launch this new site in about a week or so.

You may or may not be aware that over the last year I’ve posted almost 200 video golf tips on the full swing and short game on another very successful website.

If you’ve already been watching my video golf tips or have my Swing Machine Golf products you know that my goal is to help people play great golf. This being said, I felt it was time to create a website where I can continue to post my full swing and short game tips without any confusion.

This does not necessarily mean that I’ll be leaving this other site altogether.  It just means that I’ll be running my own website and posting regular tips and content that I know will help improve your golf game.

My new website will also include the other areas of the game such as: clubfitting, flexibility and the mental game.  By staying focused on these areas, I feel this will be the best site in the world for helping you understanding every aspect of this game.

If you’d like to take minute to check out the new video golf tips website I’m sure you will like what you see.

Video Golf Tips

Video Golf Tips From Ignition Golf


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