ATTENTION: Are You an Overweight and Out of Shape Golfer? If So, This Article is For You!

This is just a quick post for those golfers out there who would like to lose some weight and get in better golfing shape.

About a month ago I got a call from top golfers weight loss coach, Larry Jacobs.  He’s helped thousands of golfers in 22 countries lose weight and get healthy.  Maybe you saw his write up in the June 2010 issue of Golf Digest.

He’s also helped a lot of golf notables lose weight and feel better including NBC golf announcers Roger Maltbie and Dotty Pepper (he helped shrink Dottie Pepper 2 sizes in 6 weeks). He also helped 2-Time Sr. US Open winner and Champions Tour player Allen Doyle and instructor Todd Graves as well as giving game day food advice to Fred Funk just before the US Open at Bethpage.  Larry also helped get Don Trahan (DJ’s Dad) into a suit he hasn’t worn in 17 years.

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After telling me about his “Weight Loss for Golfers” plan I liked what he had to say.  He told me that he could take anyone from a fat storer to a fat burner in  2 weeks or less without dieting, counting calories or starving.

For me it was perfect timing because I was sick of not fitting into my clothes, being out of breath and not being able to turn my body as well as I should in my golf swing plus, I had the Golf Channel Instructor Search coming up and I wanted to look better.  So I started his program.  I have to admit it is really paying off.  I am already down 14 pounds in just over a month and there’s no stopping me from reaching my goal.

I definitely recommend Larry’s Weight Loss for Golfers Program. To learn more about it visit this link: Weight Loss for Golfers Tele-Seminar to access the recording that will teach you:

1. The 7 biggest mistakes most dieters make.

2. Why all diets don’t work and what you can do about it now.

3. How to lose 3 times more body fat 2 times faster than ever before.

4. How you can stop storing FAT and become a fat burning machine.

5. How to determine with precision accuracy what are the best foods for you as an individual, that support your weight loss goals…and what foods do not. (Sadly, no one is teaching this and it’s costing you BIG time!)

6. How to train your body to burn fat, hour after hour after hour.

7. How eliminating your dieting mentality is one of the first keys to your success? This simple mindset eliminates a huge burden. It literally sets you free, and puts you back in control.

If you are interested in losing weight and helping you play better golf listen to Larry’s FREE recorded tele-seminar now:

Click HERE to Listen to Larry’s FREE Tele-Seminar

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