Tell Yourself You Did the Wrong Golf Swing!

If you’ve read Swing Machine Golf, or watched the video series, you will know that I don’t like people to go to the range and just beating golf balls. Why? Because this is a total waste of time!

Every ball you hit, with no clear understanding of what you are supposed to be working on, is putting you one step further away from developing a great golf swing. In other words, you are ingraining your swing flaws even deeper. This makes it even more difficult to make the necessary changes to your swing.

To prove it, just think about your last few seasons of golf. Then, ask yourself, have you been improving each year? If you haven’t been improving then think about the routine you’ve been following. I bet you’ve just been beating balls. I bet you don’t do any practicing at home. I bet you try all sorts of different tips and listen to anyone willing to give you advice. You probably rush to the golf course most times and you’ve probably bought quite a few drivers looking for the magical answer.

Now, if you have improved, think about how you went about it. I bet this was totally different than what I just described. First, you had a plan or a method and you stuck with it. You had a clear focus on what you were working on. You probably set up a practice station at home to work on your swing when you didn’t have time to make it to the range, you took lessons regularly and you probably got your equipment checked out by a professional club fitter to make sure you had the exact equipment for your game.

If you haven’t been improving what do you do?

Well, I touched on many topics above that I will go into in future tips. For now, there’s one thing you can do the next time you to the practice range. That thing is simply telling yourself “you are doing it wrong” (this applies to both those who have improved and especially those who haven’t).

So, what do I mean you should tell yourself you did it wrong? Well, think about the last time you went to practice. Let’s say you were all warmed up and you were going to hit some 7 irons. So you get set up and the first ball you hit is a little thin and it starts 20 yards right of your target with a fade. What did you do next? You hit another ball. This time you pulled it left. So … what did you do next? What else … you hit another ball. And so on …

So now your probably saying, “what’s wrong with that?” or “I always practice like that.” Well, I’ll tell you. After each of these poor shots, you didn’t tell yourself you did it wrong. Guess what happens when you don’t tell yourself you did it wrong? You keep repeating the same poor swings that you just made. After all, why would you do anything different. In your mind, those swings must have been okay because you didn’t tell yourself you did it wrong!

What you should be doing is hitting a shot and watching it. In doing so, you analyze the result. Then, you determine how you are going to correct it before you hit your next shot. Finally, you do a few practice swings working on what you either know to be working on, or what you determined is wrong by watching your ball flight. For example: let’s say you felt a little quick on a particular shot. Well, before your next shot you do a few slower paced practice swing to get the feel for swinging slower. Let’s say you slice a shot out to the right. Well, the face has to be open so maybe you loosen your wrists a little or roll your wrists over a few times before your next shot. I think you see what I mean. You understand the problem then apply the fix before you hit another ball.

In making the decision to apply a fix, and by doing a few practice swings before your next shot, you have just told yourself that the swing you previously made was wrong and you have set out to fix it. This means that if you set out to do the fix, you are not going to do the same poor swing 2 times in a row. If you are not repeating your mistakes, you are not ingraining them. If you are not ingraining your flaws then it will be much easier to make changes.

I realize that this may not seem that important but think about the pros. How many times do you see the best players in the world hit a poor shot and right after it, they do a few practice swings? If you haven’t noticed it yet, just look for it the next time you watch golf on TV. I have always said, that if the best players are doing something, you should probably be copying what they are doing. This is a perfect example.

Until next time,

Paul Wilson
Creator – Swing Machine Golf

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